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French Touch Laure SiVIEW

Paris, Oct 27, 2016:

SiVIEW develops a complex algorithm to automate eyesight exam that enables anyone to perform eyeglasses prescription in less than 5 minutes. The SiVIEW app, on a tablet or a PC, is connected to all optometrist equipment; then gives fast, easy and sharp results!

The idea started in France, 2 optometrists and 1 IT engineer got together and funded SiVIEW to solve a big issue: it takes too long to get an appointment with an ophthalmologist. The reasons are simple: performing simple or complicated tests takes the same time because of the expertise it requires to use the equipment, on top of that, the global needs for eyeglasses keep increasing dramatically.

Although it all started in France, our market is, definitely, global. Wherever in the world, in industrialized or third world countries, subjective refraction needs are the same.

Actually 4.5 billion people need an eye glasses prescription in the world, only 2 billion eventually are equipped… Therefore, as the gap is big, time to market is critical. SiVIEW is the solution for both optimisation needs and lack of suitable practitioners in third world countries (also a CSR opportunity for big companies).

Our business model is a recurrent one. We plan to invoice from 100€/monthto 600€/month per practitioner.

Supported by Pr. Gatinel, PhD and SiVIEW Board Member, we are already working with Ophta Point Vision Centres (17 centres in France) : 200 patients / day / centre. On the other hand, thanks to the support received from ESSILOR, and the equipment they provided to finalize our POC, we will start our clinic study with La Fondation Rothschild in Paris.

SiVIEW will be the world referent in smart automated subjective refraction.

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