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SiVIEW in a few words …

Reproducibility and reliability

Thanks to artificial intelligence (1)

Possibility of delegation

The simplicity of use and the detailed expert report allow to delegate the eye exam to anyone


The examination’s duration is 5mn on average for Distance Vision and Near Vision


Increase in the average basket observed with customers thanks to the recommendation of more complex lenses.
Increase in the number of examinations performed.
Reduction of remanufacturing costs (3).


of the life span of the refraction equipment

(1) Simo 2020 Poster
(2) Studies conducted at Siview clients

Do you own a refraction equipment?
We are compatible
with 70% of the refraction equipment’s market

SiVIEW simple, precise, reliable

  • 1 BOX

  • 1 expert system

  • 1 expert report

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