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Award winning for SiVIEW at Innov’up Proto’s call for projects 2018

The company led by Laure PICHEREAU is proud to announce that it just won an award at the Innov’up Proto call for projects, delivered on November 2018. Innov’up Proto is initiated by La Région Ile-de-France to promote its entrepreneurs and their innovative projects in the new technologies field.

This prize comes with agrant of an amount of 100.000€ to go on with its promising prototypes. The rewarded projects also get a technological support and follow upbyCap Digitalall along the following year. Each winner is then required to present its completed project the next summer, during the “Futur.e.s” exhibition, dedicated to digital technology and innovation.SiVIEW is currently deploying each of its efforts to that purpose: its prototype is just about to begin itsindustrialization.

Beyond the technology, the SiVIEW team is evolving too: the company joined the Incubateur Voir et Entendre, by the Institut de la Vision, seated in Bastille, Paris, France, on September 2018. In the same time, the team is enhancedof3 co-workers: Kelly WOOG, PhD in optometry, and 2 Web developers: Anne-Sophie BONORA and Alexis VRAIN.

Everything is now up-to-date so that the SiVIEW company can refine its expertise and offer you the best automated subjective refraction system in 2019.

About SiVIEW:

Created in 2016, SiVIEW is developing a complex algorithm to automate eyesight exams that enable anyone to perform eyeglasses prescription in less than 5 minutes. The SiVIEW appis connected to all optometrist equipment via a tablet or a PC, to give fast, easy and sharp results! The concept started in France, 2 optometrists and 1 IT engineer got together and funded SiVIEW to solve a big issue: the delay to get an appointment with an ophthalmologist. The reasons are simple: performing simple or complicated tests takes the same time because of the expertise it requires to use the equipment.On top of that, the global needs for eyeglasses keep increasing dramatically.

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